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Capabilities, harnessing your superpowers at work

Updated: Apr 2

Capabilities and why you need them

A business capability is the ability of an organisation to lead its people, processes and infrastructure in a way that adds value to its clients and shareholders, by delivering on the strategy, supported by the skills, knowledge and attributes the business needs to succeed. Capabilities are multi-faceted, contributing to business development and to making businesses more agile, efficient, effective and competitive. Capabilities empower businesses to rapidly adjust to market changes while remaining ahead of the competition.

Capabilities and the PPA tool

What are the benefits of structuring an organisation with Kaleidoscope SA's capabilities-led service offering? How does  The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), an essential behaviour-based tool fit into the journey of discovery and how do we interpret insights into your capabilities? 

At Kaleidoscope SA our goal is to work with you and your organisation to understand people's behaviours, strengths, motivations, preferred working styles and how people respond under pressure. This enables organisations to drive strategic performance and structure robust teams well-equipped to meet challenges. 

A different approach

Kaleidoscope’s, Angé Hattingh and Carla Hill-Lewis are our resident experts and agile thinkers. Both are skilled at driving performance through organisational design (org design). With a deep focus on capability-led work - as opposed to competency-led work - they guide high-performance individuals, teams and businesses through a journey to help achieve business strategic objectives.

“In a business’s journey, we aim to support the structured architecture, or organisational design theory, by using capability work to ensure that it is agile.” Says Angé. 

Business agility is a progressive, people-centric approach to all aspects of business that is transforming how organisations view themselves, operate and succeed in the modern world. Businesses that embrace agility, harness the innovative, collaborative power of their people to meet the challenges of the modern world. They respond dynamically to those challenges, continually experimenting, learning and adapting how they work and what they do while delivering customer value regularly and consistently.”

“Traditionally, this process would be competency-based and very individual. For example, you would usually recruit for a specific person, fill the role, and so on. We take a different approach. To be more agile we look at the entire business from a very high level, asking what the business objectives are and what capabilities are needed to achieve them. We then look within the business to identify the people who can fill these capabilities at different times. The beauty of the process is that it is inherently adaptive, based on the business’s needs, ranging from highly prescriptive (e.g. a transformation journey) to extremely loose and flexible (e.g. scaling a business). The process is also respectfully cognisant of existing structures, yet can bridge the transformation into a new structure.”

Your new work superpower

The Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a science-based assessment backed by AI that provides behavioural insights to individuals and teams. It super-empowers organisations to build happier, well-integrated working relationships, with diverse, robust, highly optimised teams and vibrant culture. It provides insights, guidance and development to support individuals and teams. Video

“The PPA is based on behaviour at work as opposed to personality at work.” Says Carla. ‘’An example of this may encompass your preferred work style and needs to enable you to perform optimally. We also examine how you respond or react under pressure.”

At Kaleidoscope SA, with our expertise centred on workplace behaviour, we have chosen the Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), a comprehensive assessment that is rapid to complete, extremely insightful and fit for purpose in the working environment.  “The beauty of a PPA assessment is that it’s so quick to complete, in as little as 8 minutes.” Says Angé. “It is also so accessible. You can elect to have a once-off assessment for your own professional benefit and to add value to your work experience, or have an assessment conducted for an entire team and then built into a training program. There are so many possibilities, the choice is yours.”

“What makes us so unique lies in the way we package and deliver PPA feedback. We collaboratively workshop insights with you, using a visual tech platform to bring the insights to life. We have seen how our approach works so successfully with our corporate clients, across various industries and sectors. We have also been privileged to be able to compare the benefits and successes realised over a long period of time, for example within the financial sector.  We offer a tailored process, that gets results. The metrics are there. It is highly specific to an organisation’s objectives. One size doesn’t fit all.”

What our clients are saying

"I came into this (PPA) with low expectations because I didn’t really enjoy answering the questions, but this is really so cool! I can’t believe how accurate it is and how much came out of those questions."

"This really gives so much insight into our team dynamic and how each of our team members respond to pressurised situations."

"I so enjoyed the process of understanding how my work behaviour shifts across various situations."

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