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Shape your organisation with a new way of working.

Using the combined approaches of Systems Thinking, Lean Methodology, Design Thinking and Holacracy, we help our clients to steer and accelerate through change.

We work with you.

We'll walk a journey with you to translate your strategy into operational tools and sustainable ways of work.

As a first step, we'll seek to understand your organisation through interviews and stakeholder engagement analysis.

Then, we'll collaborate with your team to design the systems and processes that will best leverage your business purpose. To do this, we'll map out the roles and structures that will support your organisation's goals.

How we make magic.

What do our clients say?

"I've seen the value in getting rid of a hierarchy and being more effective! Collaboration between autonomous teams. A way of work that works!

Lloyd, LPE Lead at Leadhome

“I’d rate Kaleidoscope a 10/10 – they’re professional and their delivery is always on time.”

Anna, Umatie

“The biggest value has been in learning new methods of planning and execution.”

Louis, Managing Director at Kruger Inc Attorneys & Conveyancers

The element of fun.