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How Kaleidoscope Enhances Performance and Team Dynamics with the Personal Profile Analysis Psycho

Work is where many of us spend the majority of our lives, and Kaleidoscope envisions a future where it's more than just a necessity; it's a source of inspiration, growth, and fulfilment. Our approach is to collaborate with clients and craft tailored solutions designed not only for purpose but also for catalysing positive change within organisations. Among the tools in our toolkit, the Personal Profile Analysis Psychometric Assessment (PPA), a globally recognised assessment process developed in partnership with Thomas International, takes centre stage.

This assessment digs deep into the intricacies of human behaviour at work, bestowing individuals with profound insights into their strengths, limitations, communication styles, motivations, fears, and responses under pressure. For more on the basics of how the PPA works, see this blog post by India Stone:

Kaleidoscope is an agile consulting agency with a focus on undoing bureaucratic constraints and redefining mental models. In this article, we delve into the impact of one of our flagship products, the PPA, and how it is reshaping the way our clients work as well as our ways of working.

Evolving PPA Feedback through Visual Tools

One of our approaches is the commitment to enhancing the way we share PPA feedback with clients. Recognising that people respond more effectively to visual stimuli, Kaleidoscope has embraced tools like Miro to create a more impactful and interactive experience. Each client's PPA report, generated as a PDF document, is transformed into a visual journey that vividly illustrates the insights derived from the assessment making it easier to “digest” and internalise.

Driving Success through PPA in Training

We’ve enjoyed many successes with many clients using the PPA, but a standout success is evident in our training initiatives. A recent example involved profiling candidates for a Design Thinking course. Intending to identify team members who were creative problem solvers, the PPA offered invaluable insights. It guided the selection of individuals who would not only benefit from the training but also effectively propagate the learnings throughout the organisation. This self-reflective process empowered team members to take charge of their growth, aligning with Kaleidoscope's overarching vision of fostering agency within individuals in a client’s organisation. The PPA proved useful for the leadership team too.

PPA Unveiling Dynamics within Leadership Teams

Beyond the individual insights we gained, we harnessed the power of the PPA to understand the dynamics within the company’s leadership team as well. By uncovering how each team member's behaviour manifests at work and in different scenarios, the assessment became a tool for building better relationships and supporting one another. The PPA proved instrumental in identifying frustrations and aligning the leadership towards a common goal. In this manner, we could demonstrate how the PPA can facilitate not only individual growth but also cohesiveness within teams.

Kaleidoscope's Self-Discovery: How PPA Works for Us

At Kaleidoscope we have a commitment to practice what we preach. For example, one of our team members, Angé, gained valuable insights recently when she did her PPA.

Angés results revealed that she is an integrative leader who works well with people and strives to do business in a friendly way, while pushing forward to win an objective and sell a point of view. This information was affirming as well as useful, but the assessment also revealed that under pressure she modifies her behaviour slightly and can become more driving, strong-willed and forceful. Valuable information for Angé as well as the rest of the team.

It was great that Angé could keep these insights in mind the next time she faced a challenging situation, although nobody expected her to become a Zen master when things got a bit stressful again. The wonderful thing is that this knowledge empowered our team to gain a better understanding of Angé and be ready to provide support when needed.

The assessment also unravelled misconceptions that Angé wasn’t aware of regarding work-related travel. Travel is a necessity for the business, because sometimes face to face or in person is the most efficient way to do business. Angé had begun to believe that travel for work was a stressful endeavour, something to be endured rather than enjoyed. However, the PPA said something different.

Angé discovered that she actually relished work-related travel, provided it was well-organised and thoughtfully planned. In fact, she sorely missed it during lockdown. Upon reflection, travel motivated her and added a refreshing dimension to her professional life. The PPA taught her that it wasn't the act of travelling that was stressful, but rather, the lack of organisation and excessive itinerary that had been causing her stress. We could do something about that.

Assessment Leading to Increased Self-Awareness

Angé began making small adjustments to her approach to work-related travel. She streamlined her itineraries, ensuring that each trip was well-prepared and organised. Soon, her travel experiences transformed from stressful ordeals into enjoyable opportunities for professional growth and adventure.

This is how tools like the PPA, can lead to personal transformation and improved teamwork, by helping you to embrace change, challenge misconceptions, and find new joys in the journey of professional life.

As organisations across the globe strive for agility, collaboration, and meaningful engagement, we believe that our services demonstrate that work can indeed be a place of growth, innovation, and lasting fulfilment. Contact us for bespoke solutions for your organisation.

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