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The Kaleidoscope Team.

We’re a platform of agile, people-positive thinkers who drive performance through Organisational Design.

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Betty Hardcastle

"I am Kaleidoscope's Pragmatist.

I am a generalist at heart. Someone who enjoys operating at the edges, intersections and find myself really thriving where innovation and business operations overlap.  I love that the world is interconnected, it allows me to work with dynamic teams and solve complicated issues. I believe the future of work cannot be viewed through a single lens: my inquisitive nature and wider understanding of complexity contributes to my problem solving nature.."

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Angé Baard

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"I live by the principles of Systems Thinking, Lean Methodology, and Design Thinking. I’m passionate about designing New Ways of Work that optimise business development.


I strongly believe that organisations can better understand the needs of their customers by creating relevant solutions, while simultaneously striving to empower teams and individuals to grow."

Carla Hill-Lewis

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"I'm a people-enthusiast and I have a talent for mapping out and co-ordinating teams to achieve scalability, performance and remarkable culture. My second superpower is communication; from a day-to-day internal positivity perspective to overarching conversations for alignment and strategy. Initially a fashion designer at Woolworths, I also have an eye for intricate detail."

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Paton Raman

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"I am the Service Designer at Kaleidoscope, which drives business growth through performance perspectives.


I am passionate about people, performance, toolkits and culture and constantly strive to push teams, and myself, forward into a brighter, more innovative, more goosebumps-worthy future."

The Kaleidoscope Network

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Lilian van Zyl


Thato Garekoe

Carla Fitton

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