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I love what I do because we have great clients!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Passion, purpose and learning – harnessing it all in.

Since day one, we as the Kaleidoscope team, have hated the term consultants. Yet, that’s the only job title that LinkedIn allows us to have. Most people associate the word with people who walk into an organization in navy suits, white shirts and brown shoes, push a certain agenda and hit you with a massive bill at the end of the month for every little bit of ink used. To our occasional detriment, we’re probably the opposite, we won’t charge for every bit of ink:) In 2020 most of the world began to understand New Ways of Working and Service Design. They saw the impact of putting people at the centre of the process.

Everyone on our team and within our network comes from or has been exposed to the retail environment at some stage, if not their entire careers, this puts people at the heart of what we do. We love people and customers and deeply understand what people want/need.We genuinely enjoy working with our clients. Mainly because they are so passionate about what they do. We recently went to a one-day workshop with a new client. There was so much passion and fire in the session that we almost ended up with a fistfight across the room. (We won’t mention which client it was haha!) The great thing about working with people who have that much passion is we aren’t just “consultants”. We become as passionate - about the brand and the purpose - as the people we work with and become an extension of the project/business team.

With passion comes learning. In this new world of work we find ourselves in, a common textbook approach isn’t going to help. There are very few textbooks from 12 months ago and nothing has been able to teach us about what to do in a pandemic. So we’ve been figuring it out ourselves.We bring a certain skill to the table, whether it is how to work in a new way to achieve your business goals, or how to shape your organisation to support your goals through design.

We have exposure to many different industries, because of this, cross-organisational learning allows us to always see problems and opportunities in a different way and apply those lessons to every new challenge we face.

From the logistics industry, we learnt how important temperature is and how it’s used to put Avocado's “to sleep” during transportation until it reaches its destination. Ensuring a fresher product even when transported 1000’s of kms. In international tax, we learnt the importance of language, communication and understanding. We experienced that we are a world of diverse languages and how in business even a small incorrect translation can make or break international trade.

Every single day is filled with learning, but the common theme lies with understanding the customer, being passionate about the work you do and to keep sharing the learnings, so that we’re all able to move faster.

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