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Expanding The Walls of The Virtual Office with Miro

In the last two weeks of uncertainty, it's become evident in almost every blog, digital feature, conversation, meeting, social media platform (and the list goes on and on ... ) that the world, as we once knew it, and especially from an organisational design perspective, has changed.

Lenin (Vladimir, not John) is not often quoted, but this statement has been swirling around in my thoughts recently:

"There are decades when nothing happens, and then there are weeks where decades happen."

We're a team who empower other teams to embrace uncertainty, to open the door to new opportunities and to greet change with a big, glorious "HOWZIT".

Over the years, we've watched our clients evolve into agile, people-positive organisations with us at their side - but over the past few weeks (out of sheer necessity) this shift has sped up drastically (and we couldn't be more delighted to observe, strategise, plan and jump in as part of the action).

Now is the time to turn the remote workspace into an efficient, collaborative team space as well!

With a massive focus on innovative ways of remote working (which we're simply lapping up) I thought I'd use this blog as an opportunity to give the spotlight to a tool which could enable your team even further ....

Introducing ... drum roll, please:


What is Miro?

Miro allows its users to work in real-time on a virtual, collaborative whiteboard that creates a space for teams to work alongside each other and their clients effectively. The magic? Well, Miro uses digital sticky notes - which teams can then use for purposes such as brainstorming and planning.

It maximises creative input (and output) on a whole new level of "virtual" because it makes the sometimes tedious tasks, like capturing notes, a lot more fun. It's essentially a 'thinking environment' in the form of an app. It's aptly described by Forbes magazine as a "virtual whiteboard on steroids."

Why do we give Miro two thumbs up?

.... we'll give you 8 reasons why!

  1. Miro is a doddle to use (even for the not-so-tech-savvy humans among us) and it can be used from the comfort of your own home with ease.

  2. It facilitates Design Thinking and an agile approach to business.

  3. Colour-coding has never been more practical or looked more beautiful.

  4. It encourages discussion through visual thinking.

  5. Miro integrates with SLACK (and Dropbox, and Google .. and, and) !

  6. Teams can use it for pretty much anything. There's loads of templates to choose from or you can build one from scratch.

  7. This little boost-of-positivity app is used by over 5 million users worldwide; including companies such as Netflix, Spotify and Twitter.

  8. You've got the option to add advanced security features, as well as passwords and compliance controls (yay).

Want to know a fun Miro fact?

Andrey Khusid, co-founder and CEO of Miro, revealed that Miro is actually the name of a Spanish artist that sparked the inspiration - "his paintings have different shapes with very bright colours and we found that our boards developed in kind of the same style. We see every user or creator as an artist and their boards as their unique canvases. So we wanted to bring a little bit of art into the day to day job of each person who uses our product.”

Give it a try!

We'd be delighted hear what you think.


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